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Use our beats in any of your projects you give out for free

Monthly $100 Contest

Every month we give away $100 to the dopest song using one of our beats. As well, the winner will be featured on our homepage for a full month of free advertising. Click here for entry details.

Why Are The Beats Free?

We make these beats in our sleep, and don’t need to nickel & dime you like most other producers do (they hate us for that, but we could care less)… so have at it. If you feel like paying for leases, go somewhere else.

Catalog updated weekly – we keep our sound fresh & up-to-date with today’s current trends. 100% industry-quality guaranteed. Click the green download icon next to the beats you want to download.

What can I do with the free beats?

You can use these beats for promo use only. Meaning, you can download our free beats for use on any project (mixtape, album, EP, etc.) that you give away for free, and we must be credited as the producer. If you would like to sell & profit from a song you make with one of our beats, you must purchase an exclusive license to that beat. Once an exclusive license is purchased for a particular beat, that beat will be pulled from the website and will no longer be available for anyone else to download. However, for everyone who has downloaded said beat prior to your exclusive purchase, they can still use it for promo use. Essentially, only one person can officially license & profit from any given beat.

Contact us if you would like to purchase exclusive rights to any beat(s) [handled via PayPal]. Click here to view a sample of our exclusive agreement.

Note: For free downloads, we will keep one tag in the beginning of every track. For exclusive purchases, it is removed (however, we would appreciate it if you left it in).

Need Custom Beats?

If you want an instrumental custom-made for you (and only you), shoot us an email and we can make you an exclusive beat. This service has a one-time fee of $750. Paperwork will be included. Click here to view the terms.